About Me

Welcome to my art website! This page consists of a gallery of my career as an artist, a store to help bring my work into your life, and in what follows, some of the story of how this all came to be. 

First, a bit about my where I’m from. I was born in northern New Jersey and lived there until I was 2, but then lived my childhood in Norfolk, Virginia until I was 10. From that point, I spent my formative years in Lexington, Virginia in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains. Following high school there, I attended and graduated from Hampden-Sydney College in 2013 with a degree in philosophy. But it wasn’t until the year after graduation that I began my professional art journey….

Art has always been a profound passion of mine, even from my very earliest years. I have countless memories of drawing during school, church, and all manner of social engagements across the years, often to the intrigued delight of my various hosts and neighbors. Drawings with either pencil or pen form the largest portion of images I’ve made throughout my life, filling endless notebook pages in middle and high school and college, and vast reams of drawing paper in the years after.

Although I have no formal art training beyond a wonderful 4 years of classes in high school, the enormous compendium of images produced during my school years comprised a marvelous autodidactic eduction. And yet, for the longest time I actually had an intense aversion to painting, greatly preferring the clear lines and uninterruptible flow of pen drawing. Nonetheless, in the months after graduating from Hampden-Sydney College in 2013, I began to desire color and greater visual depth in my work, so I taught myself to paint. Using the cheapest acrylic paint available and cardboard boxes my mom provided from her job, I simply started, and started learning. These low pressure materials allowed me to relax into the new medium with ease, and more importantly, so did the realization that any displeasing work could be easily erased by being covered with fresh layers of paint at any point, and the image built anew. To me, this very basic fact represents a vital form of free will and a metaphor for life itself, and I encourage all painters both novice and expert to lean into this fact and learn to create without fear or hesitation!

Since then, my focus in painting has evolved from these  conceptual experiments on primitive surfaces and into an open-ended form of spontaneous visionary surrealism, if indeed language must encapsulate a description of style. Perhaps “metaphysical expressionism”, “psychedelic humanism”, or “hyperdimensional philosophical cartooning”…something like that!  My creative process is perhaps somewhat unusual, as it depends on neither meticulous planning nor the illustration of prior “visionary” states, but a free unfolding from extremely basic gestures and ideas, through an increasing evolutionary refinement of detail until an intricately lucid image emerges. As such, the vast majority of my images that you see are not copies or replicas of anything at all, but experiences in and of themselves. That is, the way I work is the same way consciousness generically works: magnetizing disparate elements into coherency by means of a fractal focusing pattern. My paintings of themselves comprise uniquely novel visions that we create, together.

In this manner, my art invites you to access the assemblage points of your own existence and journey through images and beyond, into ever more potent forms of awareness. May it serve the Great Work in each of you in whatever way you need it to, and that it 

facilitates with you whatever shifts in consciousness you need to develop your most magnificent free energy of wisdom and love. 

Currently, I am based in the exquisitely charming Rogue River Valley area in southern Oregon, where I have a studio, many amazing friends, and five adorable cats. When I am not here, I travel around the United States performing live art and showing work at numerous music festivals and events. 

Please feel free to message me with inquiries about performing at events, purchasing originals, commissioning new pieces, or art philosophy, or philosophy in general at: Luke.Schroeder91@gmail.com. 

Always be learning...grow your genius! Love you! ✨